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Services and Pricing

Although we are proud of our connection with writers, many of our services are available to any small business or organisation. We draw on the experience of a number of skilled specialists to provide the right products for each customer.

We can offer solutions to fit any budget.

Get your books or magazines into all the major online stores from Amazon to Barnes and Noble. 

Get your work formatted and prepared quickly and ready for market. 

See your work in print. We will organise printed publications on a “print on demand” basis, this means you only pay for each copy that is printed – or you can pass the costs entirely onto your customers. There is no need for a self published author or small press to have loads of unsold copies in their garage or under their bed!

We do not judge the quality of your work – we are not publishing you, we are simply helping you get in front of the right audience.

We can ensure NZ and Australia based authors only pay 5% US Withholding tax – as opposed to the 30% the online retailers will take off you as default.

We have two payment models for the above services –

  1. Pay nothing upfront. Instead pay us 5%* on each sale from each work under contract. For each work we will develop a contract for services with you. This will include an exclusivity clause for online sales of the specific piece of work in question for a specific length of time.
  2. Pay upfront for all the above in one lump sum. You may prefer to do this. In this case we will negotiate what that looks like based on the amount of support you need.


Are you working in a day job, looking after the kids, and writing after everyone has gone to bed? Yet you want to make your book set in a medieval version of London, or Afghanistan in 1996 as realistic and compelling as possible?

We draw on the expert knowledge of a team of people around the world to help you produce work that is plausible (even if it is about dragons and witches).

We are good all-rounders but we have specialisms including but not limited to modern warfare, the corporate world, society and culture, international relations, the environment, theoretical physics, anthropology, medieval economics, politics ancient and modern, spycraft, and policing.

Anything we can’t help you with ourselves we will signpost you to other proven providers.

Research comes at an upfront per hour cost. Rates vary depending on the type of information sought and the expert engaged, but typically start at $50NZD per hour.

Web set up, design, hosting, and IT systems and admin

We can provide hosting and administration systems for any budget and requirement, whether you’re a new writer just launching themselves on the web, to a growing publisher or voluntary organisation.

We can support you to set up your own website if you have some knowledge, or we can do it for you if you don’t have any.

We are happy to help you set up and run a website on your own hosting or someone else’s, or we can host for you.

We’re even able to register domain names, set up and administrate emails for you.

Companies and organisations contact us about the host of IT sysadmin support we can provide.

We strongly believe that clients should only pay for what they really need. If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need a massive flashy site that costs thousands of dollars to set up. On the other hand if you do want one – we can help you with that as well.


Unless otherwise specified all prices are in New Zealand Dollars. This is because we are a company based in New Zealand. However we operate globally and use Paypal to process international payments, that allows you to pay us in your local currency.

If you’re not sure about the exchange rate between your currency and New Zealand Dollars check for a decent guide.

Editing, proof reading, and cover design. 

We are currently looking into how we can provide these services for you. In the meantime we can put you in touch with qualified and respected professionals.

What’s next?

If you’re interested in finding out more or getting a no obligation quote fill out the comment form here.

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